Care Training Packages (Online)

Elearnsafety is able to provide you with all of your health and safety training needs. We can deliver this anywhere in the world to your desktop.

ConsCare Industry Standards £5.00

The Care Induction Standards (CIS) came into being in 2006, they require that new workers in any care setting must undertake induction training within 12 weeks of starting work. We can provide professional training at reasonable cost. Buy now...

EFAEmergency First Aid £5.00

When caring for other people one of the mandatory training requirements is to qualified in emergency first aid. Our Care EFA course is tailored to the care industry. Buy Now...

FoodFood Safety £5.00

If you are caring for venerable people you are required to have an understanding of food safety. We deliver a training course for those required to prepare food and handle food for people in their care. Buy Now...

H&SHealth and Safety £5.00

Whatever your health and safety policies that you have in place this course will give you and your staff a in depth understanding of the legal requirements regarding health and safety in your workplace. Buy Now...

InfectionInfection Control £5.00

Everything you do with regards to the care of your clients has the potential to spread infection.

We can provide you with full training of how to reduce the risk and put in place personal controls.

We strongly recommend that all staff and managers attend this course. Buy Now...

TabletMedicine Awareness £5.00

To conform with the law regarding dispensing of medicines this course will give all staff a generic understanding of the use of medicines.

Elearnsafety can support you no matter what your situation may be, be it newly started through to well established business looking for additional professional support. Buy Now...

MHMoving and handling £5.00

Every company must have a Moving and handling policy. In most cases this must be written down

This course is mandatory for all care workers and will provide the basic information for staff to act in a safe manner whilst carrying our transfers of clients. Buy Now...


In the care industry you often have to deal with hazardious substances such as cleaning products and contaminated waste (clinical).

This course is designed to help you understand the legal requirements and how to risk assess and control hazardous products. Buy Now...

CTOComplete Care Training Online
£ 45.00

All of our care training can be delivered through our online learning environment at a greatly reduced cost. Please be aware that this is for theory courses only, practical elements will still have to be delivered in a classroom.:

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CTOClassroom Care Training
£ 35.00 per person

All of our care training can be delivered at your workplace at a greatly reduced cost. Please be aware that they are theory and practical modules.

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OccHOccupational Health Services

Are you aware of your responsibilities to manage the health of your staff?

We make sure that you are fully compliant with the current regulations.

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CareCare Industry QCA Audit

In healthcare, clinical audit is well established and is a fundamental building block of clinical governance, assuring the quality of services and driving continuous improvement. In contrast, the social care sector, despite serving a large and often vulnerable client group, has no nationally agreed framework and wider system of quality assurance and improvement to mirror that in health.

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