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  • The state of Mental Health & Well Being
  • Training and advice MHFA
  • The use of MHFA in the workplace
  • MHFA England Accredited training
  • Simple management system of first aid for mental health, policies, risk assessment
  • Co-vid 19 - safety advice
  • Seminar overview

    Increasingly employer's have become aware of a need to make provision for Mental Health & Well Being in the workplace. Every year large numbers of staff are taking time of work due to MH illness, with conditions such as stress brought about by work activities. This seminar is designed as a timely intervention system to prevent the growing crisis that someone may be experiencing. Once training is recieved the trained workplace delegate will be given the highly professional skills to recognise and assist those who are in crisis.

    Who Should Attend?

    This seminar is open to eveyone, nobody will be excluded, is aimed at Managers & supervisors.

    Construction Industry?

    Whilst the seminar is aimed at all industries we have specific concerns for MH in the construction industry. We are aware that 10% (rising every year) of construction workers either attempt or complete suicide (thats roughly 200) every year and we are on a mission to reduce this number as far as we can.

    We would like to hear from construction companies, big or small who would like to discuss the issues they have, so we have set up a 'free breakfast session later in the year' which all are welcome to attend. Look for the date and booking details below.

    Delivery of Course

    The seminar is will be delivered delivered over no more than two hours at a set date. However, once delivered a recording will be available for use inhouse and of course can be downloaded and delivered over any timescale that suits the client.

    Want to find out more

    Follow the links on this site for additional information.

    How do I make a booking?

    You can follow the links below that will take you to PayPal payment portal to secure an online booking today. Alternatively you can call our office to make a booking (you may get our answer machine) or send an enquiry through our contact page. We accept Bank transfer payments via invoice. We can also set up a payment plan for you if cash is a bit tight. Ask for details.

    MHFAOnline Mental Health First Aid Awareness £75

    Booking dates

    The training dates above are for half day sessions with a maximum of 12 persons

    MHFA awareness is required to give workers, supervisors and managers an insight into the recognition of MH issues and what to do about them.More course details...

    MHFARemote Mental Health First Aid Champion £150

    Booking dates

    Just like injury first aid there is a requirement for staff to be able to deal with mental health issues and prevent them from escalating. Attending this remote 2 session course will explain the means by which the first aider can recognise signs and symptoms when things go wrong You can pay through PayPal. More course details..

    MHFAMental Health First Aid Advanced £245

    Booking dates

    This is the MHFA two day course(spread over four sessions) qualifying course for persons appointed as MH First Aiders it is a qualifying course and consists of gaining in depth insight into workplace mental health issues and the appropriate immediate treatment of the issues.More Course details...

    MHFAMental Health & Well Being Webinar £Free

    Booking dates

    This is a free webinar for persons who want an insight on how to manage insight into workplace mental health issues and the appropriate immediate treatment of the issues.More Course details...